What is AgilityWeb™?

An advanced way to catch and keep members with fresh, innovative, and user-friendly technology. Members won’t be able to escape the cool, unique, and futuristic features of AgilityWeb™ - the next generation web portal and online banking products designed to appeal to generations as diverse as your membership.

AgilityWeb™ is a powerful software framework that harnesses the power of the Microsoft .NET Framework, ASP.NET, and SQL Server to deliver highly secure, configurable Internet browser based applications.

AgilityWeb™ Online Banking

AgilityWeb™'s Online Banking is designed to be personalized by the member visiting your web site. They can easily place objects on the page and move them around as they wish.

  • Customizable account summary
  • Customizable transaction list
  • Single Sign-on
  • Mobile device compatible
  • Financial data downloads
  • And so much more!
Why AgilityWeb™? Why Now?

  • Take advantage of increased online and social media use
  • Opportunity to strengthen member relationships that are more profitable
  • Reach all generations with classic or next generation options
  • Technology beyond current products available at a fraction of the cost
  • Way to further differentiate, especially when others are trimming marketing expenses
  • It's where your members are – connect with & engage them
  • Quality product from people you can trust
What’s Under The Hood?

AgilityWeb™ was designed with a simple and elegant user interface. But under the hood, lookout - AgilityWeb™ is all power!

AgilityWeb™ was designed from the ground up by some very smart developers to take advantage of ASP.NET, SQL, WCF, AJAX, IP messaging, asynchronous threading, and OLAP. These acronyms probably don’t mean anything to you but trust us when we say they revolutionize the performance and flexibility of the software.

Some of the key technical features include:

  • Browser
  • Open database
  • All pages are instantiated from a central database
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
  • Flexibility and customization to fit your needs
  • Multiple language capability
How Do I Get AgilityWeb™?

  1. Attend a demo
  2. Ask us for a quote
  3. Sign on the dotted line and we’ll schedule your installation. It’s that easy!
    To schedule your installation call 865-397-5858 or e-mail us at info@agilityfour.com.